The basic PARADOX project is an experiment aiming at the topology/topography of design foundations. Do we discover the terrain, or do we develop the terrain. Or do we design it?

A selection of more or less known people from the field (German and international) were invited to submit contributions regarding these questions. See the exposé.

Some rules were set in order to structure and orientate the process. Also to avoid real or imaginary problems of superiority/dominance or inferiority as experienced e.g. in the DRS or PhD lists.

The state of affairs
> invited: 51 people (no reply: 8, negative reply: 10, positive reply: 33)

> texts delivered: 27 (see below)

> texts not (yet) delivered: 6

Phase 1 of the project, submission of texts, is almost finished. German texts will be translated to English as soon as possible.

Please don´t hesitate to open phase 2: associations and feedback.

Involved People

Christopher W.J. Alexander
- no reply

Dirk Baecker - negative reply

Norbert Bolz - negative reply

Gui Bonsiepe - negative reply

Holger van den Boom - text delivered (translated)

Uta Brandes - negative reply

Dick Buchanan - positive / indistinct reply (???)

Rosan Chow - text delivered

Nigel Cross - negative reply

Clive Dilnot - positive reply

Dennis Doordan - positive reply

Özlem and Alpay Er - negative reply

Michael Erlhoff - text delivered

Alain Findeli - negative reply

Heinz von Foerster - no reply

Ken Friedman - text delivered

Ranulph Glanville - text delivered

Matthias Götz - text delivered

Siegfried Gronert - positive reply

Gülay Hasdogan - text delivered

John Heskett - negative reply

John Christopher Jones - text delivered

Fatma Korkut - text delivered

Pekka Korvenmaa - no reply

Klaus Krippendorff - negative reply

Maren Lehmann - text delivered (translated)

Franz Liebl - text delivered

Uwe von Loh - text delivered (translated)

Terence Love - text delivered

Victor Margolin - text delivered

Siegfried Maser - text delivered (translated)

Peter McGrory - no reply

Jan Meyer - Veden - text delivered

C. Thomas Mitchell - text delivered

Mihai Nadin - text delivered (translated)

Harold Nelson - text delivered

Horst Oehlke - text delivered

Chuck Owen - negative reply

Silvia Pizzocaro - positive reply

Wolf Reuter - text delivered

Hans (Nick) Roericht - negative / indistinct reply (???)

Keith Russell - text delivered (translated)

Daniel Scheidgen - text delivered (translated)

Jean Schneider - text delivered jschneid@WANADOO.FR

Herbert A. Simon - no reply (H.S. died 9.2.2001)

Erik Spiekermann - positive reply

Hermann Sturm - text delivered (translated)

Necdet Teymur - no reply

Jan Verwijnen - no reply

Susann Vihma - text delivered

Artemis Yagou - text delivered

July 19, 2018